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Ready Health Nursing College

Ready Health Nursing College will give you the Training you need to get started with a career in the health industry in Aged Care, in Disability, and in the Home and Community Care setting.

Whether you want to start a career, return to work, enhance your existing job, change careers, or would like to develop your workforce skills, Ready Health Nursing College has the most updated courses that will support your job applications and chances of employment.

It is important that students choose the right courses for their career pathways. Ready Health Nursing College provides access to information on NSW: (02) 9687 8801, QLD: (07) 5596 1735 for professional advice and support. We assist students with entry into the workforce, with a 97% employment rate on completion of the courses and assistance with job interviews, CV, and University enrolment into the Bachelor of Nursing degree.Ready Health Nursing College has been approved for the Smart and Skilled Training, subsidised by the NSW Government and the QLD VET Investment plan in Certificate 3 Guarantee, User Choice, Higher Level Skills and Fee-Free training for year 12 graduates.


Ready Health Nursing College will meet a high level of quality through:

A formalised Governance Structure

The Directors of Clinical and Corporate Governance have formalised delegated accountability and responsibility for Risk Management, Accreditation, Data Management, Performance, Validation, Human Resources and Evaluation, in addition to their respective Clinical and Corporate roles. The CEO is an advanced Clinician, Educator and Consultant with National Healthcare Auditing experience, who works at the grassroots level with the staff and students, making sure hopes and dreams become their reality.

A Quality Improvement Framework

The Quality Framework is guided by rigorous reporting, good data management, and formal Action Minutes which is Outcomes focused. Regular meetings inform processes and trends and more often have set the pattern for the benchmarks set by Ready Health Nursing College as a leader in the industry.

Quality Indicators

Are reported annually to ASQA on Learner and Employer Questionnaires on what are the BEST ASPECTS of the Training and what requires IMPROVEMENTS. Students participate in identifying their learning experiences objectively and continue to remain in our curriculum committee and student alumni. They support new migrants and students to integrate into the juggling required between children, jobs and studying in a social milieu that is often complex thereby reducing the withdrawal rates.