All information disclosed in the form below is treated in confidence and you can remain anonymous if you choose.

Complaints and concerns can be articulated in the comments section below or through the RHNC complaints management system in line with ASQA requirements and the NSW Quality Framework and QLD VET Investment plan. Students also have access to the student handbook which provides information on how to handle complaints.

Student or staff in confidence concerns can also be sent directly to the following people:

CEO: [email protected]

Director Corporate Governance: [email protected]

We take privacy very seriously. Please be aware there are however specific mandatory reporting requirement under state and federal laws to ensure the safety of students, staff and vulnerable people in the community including children and the elderly that RHNC has a duty to report where anonymity may not always be able to be protected.

RHNC often receives positive student feedback which we love to share with our future students through our ‘student testimonials’ link. Please advise in your comment if you would like your feedback to be shared.