Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a requirement for Ready Health Nursing College, to meet the NVR standards for RTOs 2015, and for the student to gain recognition of their current relevant knowledge and skills.

Ready Health Nursing College implements an effective framework that is clear, concise and able to be implemented in a wide range of contexts.

Below is a Six Stage Framework that is designed to assist the student to develop and implement an effective skills recognition process.

It establishes a common structure for thinking about and implementing recognition. Procedures and documents for recognition of the qualifications offered to the candidates is in the context in which recognition is being provided (e.g. at the work place or RTO premises).Ready Health Nursing College Assessors will undertake assessments for RPL using performance management, work tasks, in-service education, onsite assessments and some portfolios to determine competence.

1. Establish the contextEstablishing the environment in which recognition takes place – the industry, the location, whether in a workplace or a training organisation, the level of Qualification sought, the degree of employer or systems support and so on.
2. Provide informationHow everyone involved is informed about the process of recognition in consistent ways, and how students understand the expectations of the assessment process.
3. Gather evidenceThe proof of competence - negotiated between the assessor and student (within guidelines). How does the student demonstrate their competence? What rules are applied to this evidence?
4. Assess the evidenceMeasuring the evidence against the standards of performance required - using the assessment tools and recording the evidence.
5. Make an assessment decisionOnce all evidence is collected and measured, the assessor aggregates / evaluates this and makes a decision about competence which is communicated to the student.
6. Issue credentials and/or plan the next stepThe student is helped to decide “where to next?” This may include gap training to complete a qualification, advice about the next level of qualification available, career advice for the newly qualified, or the development of an action plan if not yet competent.

There is a cost of $350.00 for RPL. Please check with the college for an individual assessment.


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