Ready Health Nursing College has been approved for the Smart and Skilled subsidised training, which is a NSW Government reform of vocational education and training across New South Wales.

The NSW Government’s Smart and Skilled reforms have changed the state’s vocational education and training system to better meet the needs of industries and students.

The reforms, started on 1 January 2015, to give eligible students access to government funded training in industry areas where there are jobs and the best opportunities for a successful career. The reforms also give employers opportunity to expand the capabilities of their workforce.

What does Government subsidised funding mean?

A subsidised course means that the NSW Government will pay a part of the student fee on the student’s behalf. The student needs to pay the balance, which is determined by the eligibility assessment.

Which courses are Government subsidised in NSW?

The NSW Skills List defines the courses that will be funded by the government under Smart and Skilled. These courses are in areas that the NSW Government has determined that are priorities in order to balance the needs of industries and communities to staff appropriately trained individuals now and into the future. .

If a course is on the NSW Skills List then approved providers for that course can offer government subsidised fees to eligible students.

Ready Health Nursing College is an approved Smart and Skilled training provider for two (2) government subsidised courses on the NSW Skills List:

CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) (Disability) (Home and Community)
CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support

This means, if you are eligible and there is a subsidised place available on the financial cap, you will pay a subsidised fee for these courses when you enrol with us.

Who is eligible for NSW Government funded Smart and Skilled subsidised Courses?

You may be eligible if you meet one or more criteria below,

An Australian or New Zealand citizen
Permanent Resident or Humanitarian Visa holder
Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students
Aged 15 years or older and no longer at school
Living or working in NSW
Living in Rural or Remote areas
Long Term Unemployed
Students receiving welfare benefits
Students who are dependents of welfare recipients
Disadvantaged Youth
Inmates in NSW Correctional Centres (Incl JJC)
National Disability Insurance Scheme Workforce
Job Seekers

How much will you pay?

If you’re eligible for government-subsidised training under Smart and Skilled, you pay only a portion of the training cost. Please also note that Smart and Skilled fees are set for the whole qualification.
You will know the full cost of your course prior to commencing the course.

To estimate your fee for a particular government subsidised course, you may log onto Smart and Skilled: https://smartandskilled.nsw.gov.au or call State Training Services Customer Support Centre on 1300 772 104


Contact Ready Health Nursing College on:
02 9687 8801
0404 986 457
Email us at
[email protected].

You must produce ACTUAL evidence of:

Proof of ID
NSW address
Centrelink Statement of Income.
Medicare or Health Care Card
Previous Qualifications (if any)
National Police Check. Assistance with application via Fit2Work can be arranged by the College
Unique Student Identifier (USI). Assistance can be provided with application.

Ready Health Nursing College will allow a student to attend a class or receive orientation at the Nursing Home if they are unsure about the career path before they sign up for a Course. This will prevent a student from withdrawing after enrolment.

Exemptions and Concessions

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, students with disabilities and their dependants may be eligible for fee exemptions when they enrol in government subsidised training. Students receiving welfare benefits and the dependants of welfare recipients may be eligible for concession fees.

Additional Cost

In addition to the Smart and Skilled student fee, there is a cost of the Book, the cost of the Police Check and the Graduation cost. This is signed for on the Fee Structure at time of Enrolment.

How do you enrol in a Government Subsidised Course?
Please contact Ready Health Nursing College on 02 9687 8801 or email us on [email protected] for information on how to enrol in a government subsidised course, or ENROL ONLINE. You will be required to verify all eligibility criteria.

What is a Unique Student Identifier (USI)?
All government subsidised training is nationally recognised, so you need to have a current USI to enrol. Otherwise, Ready Health Nursing College can assist you in getting your USI when you enrol. Again all documentation MUST be verified. If you have a USI, and have forgotten your number, check your Emails or Call 1300 857 536 for your USI number. If you don’t have a USI Number, you can apply for your USI as per the instructions below:

Go to the URL www.usi.gov.au
Choose the option “I am a student”
Click on the option “ I want to create a USI”
Choose if you are an Australian or International student
Follow the prompts to create the USI.

Further Information

Smart and Skilled: https://smartandskilled.nsw.gov.au/ or call State Training Services Customer Support Centre on 1300 772 104

NSW Skills List

Student Fees – Smart and Skilled:

Consumer Fee Protection- Smart and Skilled

Student with disabilities- Smart and Skilled

Student under 17 years old- Smart and Skilled

RPL/Credit Transfer- Smart and Skilled


Consent to use and disclose personal information to the Department of Industry and other Government Agencies will be signed for at enrolment.

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