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At Ready Health Nursing College, we recognise that complaints made about our services, systems, facilities or service delivery play an important role in improving customer experience.

If you have an issue, we recommend that as soon as the situation arises that you talk to one of our teaching or other staff at your study location or who you already have contact with. Most concerns can be resolved quickly and informally by talking to a staff member who knows your situation.

You can arrange an appropriate time to meet with your teacher by sending them an email requesting a time to meet or phoning your local Ready Health Nursing College administration office and asking for an appointment.

You may bring a friend or relative to support you. If you need an interpreter, we can arrange one, please just ask beforehand.

If you are unable to resolve the issue with staff at the frontline, you can submit a complaint online via the online complaint form. You can also make a complaint to any Ready Health Nursing College employee or ask them to assist you to record your complaint on the online form.

ANNEX A: Complaints Process

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Complaints Form