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Ready Health Nursing

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Ready Health Nursing College will give you the Training you need to get started with a career in the health industry in Aged Care, in Disability, and in the Home and Community Care setting.

Whether you want to start a career, return to work, enhance your existing job, change careers, or would like to develop your workforce skills, Ready Health Nursing College has the most updated courses that will support your job applications and chances of employment.

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Ready Health Nursing College provides quality and best courses for the students who are interested in nursing.

Vision and Mission

We have a number of nursing courses to study in our classrooms or online.


To achieve excellence in the delivery of health care in Aged Care, Disability and Community & Home Care Services, through Ready Health Nursing College’s training of students against Nationally Recognised Education and Training Competencies.


To provide Health Care training that is acceptable, affordable, accessible, appropriate and consumer-focused, through courses designed specifically for employment within the Aged Care Industry, Disability Services and the Home & Community Care Services.

Our Goal

To facilitate students completion of their training, and successfully gain employment to enhance their professional scope of practice within the health care industry. This goal will be facilitated by strategic Governance in: Striving for excellence in education, Providing innovative and comprehensive courses, Insuring access to learning through adult education principles, Leading in education through partnership and research to become a strong competitor in the industry through reasonable pricing and local advertising and Maintaining status as a Registered Training Organisation.


Ready Health Nursing College embraces the following values at an organisational level and imparts these in its service delivery so that students will continue to identify with the important fundamentals of health care delivery at the resident or client level and during their practical placements at the clients side. hese values contribute to the unique character of our College and are encapsulated in the Logo as a reminder of our values at all times. Client Rights,Helpfulness, Accessible, Integrity, Nurturing.

What students say about us

Now let us have a look at what our students have to say about their experiences at Ready Health Nursing College. All the reviews are from Google reviews.

"I'm so grateful for the college management on how they organized us students to continue with our studies even though we had Covid, there was a well set up in the class where we all maintain our distances with getting our work placements done and helping us in getting our Jobs. I would highly recommend this college if anyone is wanting to study Aged Care and Individual Support."

Esther Kaukimoce

"Ready Health Nursing College.I name is Wajeha .I’m 27years old .I study in Ready health nursing college in Parramatta,my teacher is Vijia .I want to say MS Vijia is best teacher in the world, because when I came to College i was regretful because my English was very bad but she gave me confidence. She is a kindly teacher. She taught me very well . Now I am working in Royal North Shore Hospital . She helped me to achieve my big wish to be a great nurse for the patient .thanks MS Vijia"

Rasta M

"Thanks to Ready Health Nursing College. I completed my course in Certificate IV there and the manager & staff are so lovely and friendly High quality of teaching methods I receive and all details received in the best way. I Will do my best as I receive the best from them. It's so great to know a college such as this one it give us a opportunities to explore our own understanding and knowledge We walk in as student and we walk back as a family member Thank you once again for this great opportunity"

Pauliasi Matakibau

"Valuable as well as effective method of delivery emphasized on course content. Awesome training, help me to get an insight on cert IV ageing support even though I am from a different field. Exemplary attention to each student during training, clinical placement and job support. I realy wonder, how effectively the college take infection control measures in class room during the Covid season. I thank for the special training on training on Covid 19. Suggest this college 100%"

Jobin George

"I have been a student at this college and during the course I have faced personal challenges and through it the CEO and trainers have supported me until I successfuly completed the course. They assisted me with finding a job. They were very thorough with my reference, and I am please with such credibility, as their strictness ensured that only a capleable student should be at the bed side. I am so blessed that they continue to support me through further education."

Amel aleu

"I recently did this course and i am amazed at how good and detailed the course was. The teacher , mrs vijia chain was outstanding..i dont think the course on it self would have been better if it wasn't for mrs vijia chain...she was excellent! Thank you! I would highly recommand everyone to do this course as it is so important to know how to repond in emergency situations and how small efforts really makes a big difference in saving someone's life."

Shaeema Anas

"I attended Ready Health Nursing College doing a course on certificate 3 in Nursing. I really liked the course because I learnt so many things.It was so exciting because it helped me in knowing and doing New and exciting things that would help those who need caring and support. I am looking forward to help others in supporting them in the standards of caring they need.I thank and salute Ready Health Nursing College for all the things they taught me. Once again ,Thank you Ready Health Nursing College."

laisa Ravanua

"I owe alot to Ready Health Nursing College.I am empowered I have confidence I am happy with my life I am so greatful to Vijia and Nel for having faith in me and I have never been stable in my life as I am now.Not only do they care about you but they also go out of there way to care about your family. I thankyou so much from the bottom of my heart."

Julie Ryan

"Great college with really engaging teachers and assessors. Content was thoroughly explained face-to-face and provides ample experience in acute care to provide a platform for further study"

Medua Meka

"I'm happy with teaching I am delighted by Ready health nursing called lecture staff and all staff were helpful to complete my Certificate III in individual support. I was given many one to one support and assistance by lecturer and assessor.This have my boosted mylife. My confidence and to to achieve more goals."

Zahra Fathollahi

"I have the utmost respect and gratitude towards Vijia and all involved in RHNC. I started my course a year ago and what I didn’t expect would happen in my life happened and have affected me and so affected my studies. My course was extended twice due to my personal issues that affected me terribly. Vijia was very understanding towards my situation. Second to that the Covid lockdowns also caused a problem to my trainer/assessor as they had to work around my irregular shifts & times in order to assess me and then my workplace went through multiple changes in management within a short period of time that I was unable to get permission at the due times for the trainer/assessor to assess me in the workplace."

Akesa Maka

"I am very grateful to Ready Health Nursing College for providing help to me for one on one support and I had extra class days. The Teachers are very nice and staff help me a lot. My English improve because I did lot of writing."

Maryam Irani

"Before I finished my course I was offered jobs at 3 places. I think is because of the way that the trainer explains everything. The work experiences was what I prepared for and I felt confident. Thank you so much READY HEALTH NURSING COLLEGE"

Kajal Lata