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Our Staff

Trainers and Assessors

The staff employed and contracted with RHNC share your passion with making a difference in the healthcare sector and believe a safe, effective, sustainable and ethical learning environment is the key to achieving the qualifications to affect that positive change. They bring a wealth and depth of experience and relevant expertise to deliver industry-relevant training packages

All Trainers and Assessors contracted by Ready Health Nursing College, have current industry knowledge and expertise and hold the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (and working towards the TAE50116 Diploma in Education).

The friendly staff go the extra mile in assisting with CV preparation, interview techniques, job search, student support, student alumni and University applications.

We are committed to ensuring our students are ready for employment on completion of the course.

Vijia Chain CEO / Director Clinical Governance

The CEO, Vijia Chain, holds several Nursing Qualifications, the Master in Adult Education from the University of Technology in Sydney, and the Mastering Clinical Audit from the University of Edinburgh. Vijia Chain has worked as an Educator and a Consultant with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, with experience in Training in Health Care Standards at a National and International level. Vijia has a strong background in Community Health and has developed Training packages for Area Health Services for Nursing, Community Health, Disability and Mental Health Workers. Vijia remains an active working party member in the development of several Health Care programs and clinical audits. Vijia keeps abreast of health changes, challenges, workforce issues and Legislative changes in her role as a Healthcare Accreditation Consultant having reviewed the Governance structures of several Hospitals and Health Care Services across Australia. Vijia has also contributed to the development and training of University Nursing curriculum and research.

Vijia founded Ready Health Nursing College in June 2010. Currently several thousand students have completed their courses and gone on to University to complete the Nursing Degree. They continue to remain in touch, never forgetting where they began, and as one of the family of great nurses giving back to our veterans, aged, infirm, disabled and frail community.

Tasha Smith Trainer/Assessor

Tasha has her qualifications in Business, Management and as a Registered Nursing holds the position of Director Clinical Governance/ Trainer and Assessor. She has supported several hundred Nurses and Care workers in their careers as a Trainer and Assessor of Ready Health Nursing College. Tasha maintains her hands–on approach through classroom based and workplace based delivery and assessment. Tasha believes in the philosophy of having the best nurse at the bedside and works beyond the hours and resources, in full commitment to her students in achieving their best. Coming from a Military Family, Tasha holds the commitment to “leaving no one behind”. Tasha was nominated by the students and the Industry for the Qld Training Awards, and won the Regional Awards in 2019 and was nominated again for the State Awards in 2020.

Nitish Maharjan Administrator/ Data Analyst

Nitish is the Administrator/ Data Analyst for NSW and Qld. He completed his MA in IT at Charles Stuart Uni and his research on a novel visualisation system of using augmented reality in knee replacement surgery: enhanced bidirectional maximum correntropy algorithm was published in the International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery. Nitish contributes to the Planning, Funding, Data, Student and Records Management at all levels of the Organisation.

Siosifina Veukiso RTO Compliance and Audit

Siosifina (fondly known as Fina), holds the position for RTO Compliance and Audit. Ready Health Nursing College has enjoyed the friendship, stewardship, mentorship and support, working with Fina on compliance and audit, along the journey from VETAB to ASQA. In addition, Fina continues her role as a Trainer and Assessor, in the classroom and in the Workplace. She actively participates in Moderation and Validation activities, keeping abreast of superseded courses. Of significance, Fina holds the position of Assistant Manager at St George Aged Care, providing industry consultation on our curriculum in relation to best practice in Nursing and support care.

Elenoa Funaki Clinical Administrator

Elenoa Funaki was a previous student of Ready Health Nursing College and has completed the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment -TAE 40116 In her effort to not only understand the operations of the Business, but to support the students’ needs, Elenoa manages the Clinical aspects of student learning and clinical placement. On a day to day basis, Elenoa nurtures every student, into believing in themselves, doing their best and giving back to others.

Deneshree Sookaloo Clinical Governance Representative

Deneshree Sookaloo, the Clinical Governance Representative, holds a Nursing Degree, and is currently in Health Service Management within the Aged Care Industry. Deneshree brings to the team, current knowledge and expertise in Aged Care Legislation and Best Practice Standards. Known fondly as Dee, to our students, she maintains her currency, recency and expertise in Training and Assessment, Validation and Moderation of curricula. Ready Health Nursing College engages in industry consultation and ensures that the teachings include current charts, infection control practices, records, equipment, changes and preparation of the students entering the workforce.

Angela Curriculum Committee Representatives

What amazing students we have! There are so many like these two very dedicated Curriculum Committee Representatives. Angela and Mary Jane have continued to stay connected with Ready Health Nursing College long after they completed their courses. They stay in touch with students needing information, visit new groups and motivate others who are simply going through a bad patch. They love attending and helping out at the Graduation Ceremonies. They love dragging our staff off to the beach, movies and injecting their zest for life into everyone. They simply love nursing and it’s so infectious…

Mary Jane Curriculum Committee Representatives

Mary Jane is also such an amazing ex-student and a very dedicated Curriculum Committee Representatives. Mary Jane has worked mainly in the Disability Sector, giving support and great information to current students who want to understand the scope of the role of the support workers. Mary Jane, has remained in contact with Ready Health Nursing College long after she completed her courses. She also stays in touch with students needing information, is always available to listen to students, and motivates students to stay the course and achieve their goals. She regularly attends the Graduation Ceremonies and guides students in their chosen career pathways. Mary Jane has often reached out to student who experience difficulties in life, motivating them and staying for the long haul, until students feel comfortable with their jobs. She is so sincere and dedicated to the causes of social justice, humanitarian crisis and fair work for all.